torpenhow open air school

as a child i went to an open air school cause i was underfed and sickly,this poem is about those days

those early days in torpenhow
are in my memories even now
and in my heart i feel a smile
when i might feel alone a while

a feeble child when i went there
though soon i learned that others cared
an extended family to share those years
along with many hopes and fears

brothers and sisters we became
sharing laughter love and pain
keeping each other safe at night
seeing all went on just right

though mums and dads were far away
we knew we'd make it through each day
for each lonely child there was another
to stand as sister or as brother

day trips out were a special reward
to cheer us up if we were bored
and after time at school each day
off to the spinney we'd go and play

so many memory's to mention here
and some might even bring a tear
but friendships last through all our life
easing our hearts when we feel strife

and near red rock on a bench you will see
hundreds of names of kids like me
who went to torpenhow for open air
and went home happy full of care

those names are etched forevermore
on trees and in our hearts for sure
and when i feel a little blue
i close my eyes and read a few

and in my heart i'm with them all
in torpenhows enormous hall
sharing laughter and some tears
with kids i have not met for years

and those who went there after me
i never had the chance to see
but theres one thing i know is true
when they think back they wont be blue.....

By poetik licence

© 2003 poetik licence (All rights reserved)


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