This was written about the old cartoon series exo-squad

A veil of terror enfolds all
Seeds of deception are growing
Masking hidden terrors and betrayal
There is a traitor amoug us
But who?
Who will be the one to sabotage us?
My flesh crawls
As I face my greatest fear
That their target will be my home
The planet Earth

Hope abandoned
The human race
Has taken their first small step
Into the heart of darkness
I am a warrior now
A solider
Behind the shield
My mind set
To resist all their efforts
To enslave me

I will fight to the last man
In my e-frame I stand tall and proud
Amoug the gathering of the fleet's finest
As one the machine and I
Shall become the ulimate weapon
To fight the dogs of war
And save a scorhed Venus
From Earth's fate
The fall of the human empire
Will not be a lasting one

On our own
In this battle
We seek a miracle
To once again see our mother Earth
And Venus rising
Under the skin
We are all brothers and sisters
Born to fight
The warrior brood out to destory us all

Trail by combat
Solider by chance
My fellow warriors keeper by choice
Taking flight on the wings of fury
To restore the heart of Mars
Answer the call of the unknown
The art of war
Is our game
To bring about the fall of the neo-sapien empire

Another soldier
Another friend gone
He took his last jump as a man
Offering no surrender
The perfect warrior
My brother in arms
He paid proudly
The price of courage
So now it begans
The night before doomsday has arrived

Solider's lifes given
To the heart of the battle
The human race
Make a last desperate attempt
To save the future
By righting the wrongs of creation's past
A cruel and evil leader falls
Peace is restored
And once again the planets are free to live

Beyond chaos


© 2003 RAMONA THOMPSON (All rights reserved)


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