Forbidden Fruit

Forbidden fruit

Standing here, in the garden of fruit filled
I know if I take a bite, it would only be the wrong
As I now am older, and can control my passion door,
Never opening it, with the wrong hand,
Or making any wrong turns anymore,

Even though, there are so many fruits to chose from,
I still scan the ripe one, for if I bite and taste the
Bad fruit, god might seal my tongue,
As I spot, the fruit I would like to bite,
I see on a tree branch to my left, a smiling snake,
I think to myself, maybe it was him that polished,

The apple of temptation,
And him wanting me, to bite it, with his
Friendly persuasion,
But I am strong, not tempted,

Because Iím guided, by the most high
And with his guidance, he will leadth me
Out of this garden of temptation,
Put me on the right path,

And I will never have to bite,
The forbidden fruit ever again,

Boogaman 12 / 31 / 2003


© 2003 Boogaman (All rights reserved)


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