THE TERRACE Chapt21/pt 23
The camp site was off the main road leading to the beach. It rested on a patch of wooded area which was becoming rare in Florida with all the construction taking place. In spite of the new ownership and the small renovation the new owner made on the site, it still reflected the camp site Tanya remembered.
She pulled into the main office which was just left of the entrance and the wood sign that once read The Southern Retreat but now bares the new name, The Great Out Doors.
Tanya entered the office and looked around for someone who could assist her. ' Hello, anyone here?' Her voice rang out loud enough that if someone was hanging around in the room off from the front desk, they would realize a customer had walked in.
A few moments later an elderly man strolled out from the room. ' Welcome. I was trying to get cought up on some files in the back office. I don't have much help here so I have to stretch myself rather thin.'
Tanya smiled understandably.
' How can I help you? Are you interested in a room?'
Tanya smiled,' Yes. I was wondering if cabin thirty eight was available? My uncle used to own this camp site...'
' Oh, you're Osborn's neice?'
' Yes.'
' Nice man, he was. Shame how he died so suddenly,' The owner said.
Tanya looked at the name plate on the back office door. It read, Johnathin Blake. ' So you knew my uncle well?'
' Not well. Just spoke to him about the sale of the camp site and Those Condos where he lived,' Said Blake.
' Ah, my family and I are living in his old apartment,' Tanya fumbled in her purse for her wallet to take out her driver's lisence and a credit card.
'Oh,' Blake moaned. His moan lead Tanya to believe he knew something about the terrace that could be helpful in salving the mystery.
' So what did you and my uncle talk about that apartment?'
Blake expressed a far off look that hinted that there was more to the story than Tanya has already heard.


By Belinda Smith

© 2004 Belinda Smith (All rights reserved)


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