Star Team ST-1
ST-I was being pursued by Reptilian craft In the Nebula Crismon A-2 ... There was no way this elite team could outrun these state of the art Battle Cruisers. They had barely escaped with their lives in a scout ship. Colonel Rick Gressel Was the greatest of Earth's pilots and ST-1 had a perfect record in entanglement with these reptilians, but it seems the tide has changed... Three Cruisers in battle formation, each using maneuvering tactics that were textbook and flawless. Rick too was flawless in his evasion techniques, but the cruiser commanders had every advantage. One ship rolled to port and clearly had a shooting solution, when three heavy single weapon discharges flashed before the scout ship and three Battle cruisers were no more. The empty space before them appeared to open and a beam locked onto their craft and gently brought them to a landing pad. It was a heavily armed outpost on a planet the size of a small brown Star... The ship was approached by reptilians but neither Rick, Ruth, John nor Jim Had ever seen reptilians laughing before... They opened the hatch and the leader smiled and said, hi guys! In perfect English... We scanned your vessel and noticed you were human, that's family to us. The earthlings looked at one another with wide eyed astonishment as Garth Spoke of Earth being their ancestors home planet where mankind and the reptilians lived in peace and harmony, eventually inter-marrying and sharing knowledge on the continent of Atlantis... Peace reigned for thousands of years, until the reptilians from their first world attacked and destroyed Atlantis finally by melting the icecaps...

By Ompapa

© 2008 Ompapa (All rights reserved)


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