THE TERRACE Chapt21/pt 24
Tanya was silent a moment as she contimplated all the information she had gathered since her investigation began.
Blake took in every expression on her face and antisapated what information she would disclose.
By the time Tanya had arrived at the camp site it was late afternoon and although the sun had not desended, the sun's brightness had faded and storm clouds had formed a blanket across the sky.
'Well, I learned from news papers and conversations with her desendents that Sylvia Miles fell in love with a servent boy and became pregnant by him. Her father had the sevent boy killed and forced Sylvia to abort the baby. She felt she had nothing to live for, so she killed herself by throwing herself off a third floor balcony.' Tanya explained.
Blake grinned as if he figured that that was the story passed on.
' I'm getting the impression that you know something about what really happened,'
said Tanya, hoping Blake would admit her impressions were true.
' My dear, ' Blake smiled. He looked in her eyes then swayed his stare out the cabin windows. ' I'm not surprised that that is the story that was passed down through history. However, Sylvia Miles was very far along in her pregnantcy. Her father sent her away, passing it off as he was sending her off to school. In fact the clinic he sent her to resided on this very property. The doctor who was to perform the abortion refused to do so.'
Tanya's interest peeked.
' The doctor delivered the baby. It was born premature. It was a girl. Sylvia went back to her family's estate while the baby remained with the doctor. The doctor raised her as her own.'
' What was the doctor's name?' asked Tanya.
' Sims. Doctor Joyce Sims,' replied Blake.
' What was the name the doctor gave Sylvia's daughter?'
' I believe it was Sylvia, after her mother,' Blake replied.
' Many of the residents living at the condos where Sylvia Miles old estate used to stand, believe that Sylvia's ghost haunts the third floor terrace,' Tanya began.
Blake smiled mistifide.
' Do you believe it?'
' I believe it's possible,' Blake replied.
Lightning flashed outside the window, followed by thunder. soon after, drops of rain splattered against the window.
Blake walked around the front desk and approached Tanya. ' I'd better show you to your cabin. we're in for a thunder storm and your cabin is up the trail from here. You don't want to be walking up there in the dark, in the pouring rain.'
Tanya followed Blake's lead out the office door.
The path was rocky and quickly turning muddy as they hurried up the tree lined path.


By Belinda Smith

© 2004 Belinda Smith (All rights reserved)


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