THE TERRACE Chapt22/Pt 25
By the time Tanya and Blake reached her cabin the rain had thickened with heavy winds. It was a log cabin and it was quaint and cozy with a fireplace inbeded in the center wall, seperating the living room from the bedroom. The cabin furnished a kitchennette but the cabinets were bare.
Blake started a brisk fire to shake off the chill the storm had brought, then explored the cabinets. ' Well, I guess I'd better head down the path to the lunchen area and see what I can fetch out of the food closet before the storm gets any worse or you'll starve.'
' Really you don't need to trouble yourself...'
' Nonsence,' Blake assured her. ' No trouble at all.'
' Well, if you insist.'
' I do,' Blake smiled.
' Then I must insist that you join me.'
' Thank you for the offer,' Blake smiled. ' I'd be pleased to accept.'

Blake hurried down the muddy trail, bracing himself by grabbing onto the the trees he passed. The path was slippery but Blake managed to keep from falling.
After a hardy meal, Blake left to try and make it back to his cabin before the eye of the storm had hit.

Shortly after Blake had left, the weight of the storm shook the foundation of the cabin and knocked out the power, The fireplace offered warmth and the only ray of light the cabin contained.
Tanya tossed a throw pillow on the floor infront of the fire and plopped herself upon the pillow. She openned her scetch pad and began to doodle a fashion design or two.
Soon the rhythme of the raging storm caused Tanya to feel sleepy. She put her scetch pad away and dragged her weary body into the bedroom where she slipped into a blue silk night shirt. She slipped between the cool white sheets and the thick grey quilt where it didn't take long for her to drift off to sleep. It was close to ten when Tanya put the day to rest.

Midnight. Dispite the roar of the storm, a loud thump against the front door caused Tanya to jump up out of a deep sleep. Tanya listened intently to see if it might have been her imagination. Though the noise did not repeat it'self, Tanya's curiosity got the better of her and she forced herself to step out of her safe, warm bed to investigate.


By Belinda Smith

© 2004 Belinda Smith (All rights reserved)


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