THE TERRACE Chapt 22/Pt. 26
Tanya hesitantly approached the front door. The hinges squeeked as the door openned slowly. The fierce rain rushed at Tanya as she stepped out on the slippery porch. The wind nearly pushed Tanya back inside the cabin. She looked around the area of the site but all she found was a rock that rested on the porch just inches from the door way.
Tanya looked beyond the porch and saw what she thought was a glimps of a transparent person, she couldn't deny appeared to be a ghost. She antisapated it might vanish within the storm as it had all the other times but for some reason she didn't think it would.
' Sylvia,' Tanya said with an adverage tone. Then her voice rose, ' Sylvia!'
The hazy image turned and looked at her.
' Wait!' Tanya yelled.
The image motioned for her to follow behind.
Tanya tried to follow behind as close as she could but the faster she walked the faster the image moved infront of her. Tanya also had to fight the heavy rain beating against her body.
It seemed to Tanya like she had been walking for miles when the image finally stopped. Tanya wondered what would happen next. There was still so many questions on Tanya's mind now that it appeared that she finally had the attention of the ghost. ' Are you the ghost of Sylvia Miles?'
The image remained silent.
' Tell me, are you!'
The image looked down at a spot on the wet, leafy ground where it was pointing.
' Why won't you tell me?'
Still no words, just silent pointing.
Tanya finally looked at the ground where the image was pointing.


By Belinda Smith

© 2004 Belinda Smith (All rights reserved)


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