No Way Out

Blue Indigo, indelible ink
Words written on paper within
No matter how hard I try
I can't erase my sins

My shame is bright red,
My regret the bluest blue,
You said you forgave me,
I don't believe that to be true.

I can't forgive myself
Penance does not appease me
I cannot find the key inside
No matter how you beat me

If you had just been there
When I needed you the most
This wouldn't have happened
If we had only been close

It matters not, for times gone by
Are only mere regrets
I just wish I'd find the way
To find peace and to forget

To accept in my own mind
That I am only flesh
Learn from the experience
And start over fresh

If I can't forgive myself,
Then how can I expect you to?
Why do I punish both of us,
I don't have a clue!

Back to my indelible ink
Back to my blue indigo
Back to the words that can't be erased
I'll never be free of you

Written April 13, 2004

Grahhic by Boris Vallejo
Midi ~House Of The Rising Sun~

Maryfrances and Susan
A. K. A.

By MaryFrances and Britt

© 2004 MaryFrances and Britt (All rights reserved)


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