rites of passage
i enter the room
he greets me
his eyes already undressing me
his hands moving to my hips
connecting our lips...
have a seat
how about a drink
pick out a little music
to get the mood going right
i sip slowly
but still i finish too soon
nervousness perhaps
being the prime reason...
he motions for me to join him
sitting side by side
on his muted comforter
the colors mixing
together forming
one dull reddish-gray
the color of confusion...
he takes off his shirt
then works on mine
examining me like an expert jeweller
not too bad
but not worth waiting for
as he pulls on his pants
my heart speeding up
i hope he can't see that i'm
and then he's on top
kissing and caressing
fingers moving between my
naked thighs
how does that feel
not so great
but i just smile...
are you ready
not at all
i want to scream
or maybe just cry
but still i let him continue
yielding to his drunk desires
as my innocence washes away
with one touch
one goodbye...

By Adia Cecilia

© 2004 Adia Cecilia (All rights reserved)


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