please don't leave me
please dont leave me, you are the greatest gift i've ever had.

i cant afford to loose you. i need you in my life, i need you to be

mine. you the only person that ever make me hppay like i am

happy right now. everyday when i am around you, i feel better.

everytime i am around you i feel like i can do anything. you have

have been my strentgh every since i have met you. you have

given me the courage to do what i want to do in life and say

what i want to say and be what i want to be, you have made

a big change in my life, it is not just any changes but it is the

change i have ever made in my life, you have made me what

i am today, you have made me a better made. you have brought

such a shinny light in my heart. only you have done such a great

thing to me me only girl that is why i need you, that is why i love

you. that is why i cant afford to loose. if i loose you what is life going

be like without you? what will i do? please don't leave me you are

the only thing that i need in my life right now and i need you to stay with

me to love and be happy with. please dont leave me ok i need you girl.

By jephthef

© 2004 jephthef (All rights reserved)


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