Operation Iraqi Freedom for Dummies
This is for you Liberals
who can't quite get it through your head,
we bombed Iraq to free its people
not to steal their bloody oil or country
as some Bush bashers have said.

How could you have forgotten,
he gassed his very own people
and bombed his next door neighbors
with the weapons we had given him to kill
those on our hit list, and not the ones on his?

Our friend he was when we needed him
to do our dirty deeds,
but then he got all cocky and wanted
more power than we (and Israel)
could ever let him have.

The years went by,
we slapped him down
with a war or two and sanctions
that killed the children but not
that bloody murderer Saddam,
Saddam, the Butcher of Baghdad.

He had to go, (our President said)
no matter what it costs
or how many lives it takes.
(he'd gotten the word from God)
Off with his head. we'll show him
what butchering's about,
we'll give him a taste of our Shock and Awe!

Bombs away, the war was on
body parts went flying.
Corpses lined the streets of Baghdad
and cities far beyond.
Ten thousand died and maybe more,
('we don't count civilians')
as the bombs rained down in fireballs and freed
Iraqis from this earth
and that evil known as Saddam.

By BJ Walker

© 2004 BJ Walker (All rights reserved)


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