God Proclaims

Truthfulness and rationality in religions are truths that can be substantiated by science or those that can not be proven to be wrong.

I am God, the God from the beginning of God. I did not come from nowhere. I play no magic tricks on man. I did not create the earth by casting spells.

I had a humble beginning the same as man, yet my beginning was at the dawn of spirituality.

My wisdom grows as more spirits unite after the cessation of life after much physical strife.

Throughout time I have been named God, Allah, Jehovah, The Great Spirit, and many more.

I do not judge man for his vanity or naivety to be the one who claims to please me the most.

I am easy to please. I require very little. I only want you to do what is best for mankind.

I will bless you and wish you well. I will inspire your mind and you will accomplish the unfathomable.

I require no worship. I need nothing from man. I am self sufficient. I am spirit.

Develop your spirit wisely, the best that you can. Live your life for the betterment of man.

Your spirit will soon be with me and then together we will:

See and traverse the universe. There are many wonders to behold.

Your spirit will soar. You will partake in all the wisdom that been gathered from the beginning of time. The stars will be your playground.

You can play with the animals, be with your loved ones, listen to the greatest opera, stage or musical performances, or simply relax next to a bubbling brook and enjoy the scenery.

You feel no pain, despair, heartache, or negative emotions.

You are now One with me, you are with God my child.

Kurt Kawohl


© 2004 (All rights reserved)


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