The Bee and the Bear
Once there was a little bee
That cried 'Why do you pick on me?
Is it because I'm small and wee,
Or just because I am a bee?
Don't you like my vivid stripes
Or my leg of various types?
Isn't my dancing up to scratch?
Am I treading on your patch?
Why oh why, please let me know
Why do you abuse me so?'

The answer, coming low and slow
Said, 'It's obvious you know.
You are flightly, light and airy;
Jealous are the dull and hairy.
Taking all that we can muster
Is the Bigger's duty, buster.
But please don't thing that we don't care...
Now hand over your honey,' said the bear.

'No' said the Bee 'You hairy brute,
This is MY honey, not your sticky loot.
You have no right to steal my honey
You Bears you think you're really funny.
I'll get my friends in stripey vests
We'll sting your nose and spike your chest
You may be big and really scary
But we can fly just like the fairies.
We have more honey than your paws can hold,
And so dear Bear if I may be so bold,
Get lost'

'No,' said Bear, 'I'm quite contrary,
And more than just a little scary.
If you do not let me see
The honey that is due to me,
I will climb your homestead tree
And eat your nest up entire-ly.
I have thick and hairy skin
To stop your stingers getting in.
I have goggle made of glass
To protect me from your angry undercarriage.'

Armed with porridge, and a spoon,
The bear made pledges to the moon:
'Let the battle here be started:
Bee and honey shall be parted!'

At that the bee, a little ruffled
Said something that was very muffled
Before the bear could flick his paw
The bee was gone forever more.

At least that's what the bear thought.

Two days later after feasting
The bear discovered he was allergic to bee sting
A sad end this to the little tale
(I was told this by a snail)
Both Bee and Bear did meet their end
but to this tale a moral lend:-

Never mess with bee or bear,
And always ALWAYS your honey share.

Author's Note:
Despite Richard Crellis' claims in his review in the Times Literary Studies, this poem is a cry against te capitalist system and the alienation of worker and product. It is not a critic of polygamy in the certain religions, not does it add anything to the debate on inter-speciesism.

By Alex the House

© 2004 Alex the House (All rights reserved)


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