Blue Dreamer
Written from the wonderful song 'Moon River' - Lyrics by Johnny Mercer and music by Henry Mancini. This is something that is necessary to be able to do if you want to become professional. A lyricist needs to be able to set the composers tunes to lyrics. It was very hard to convert and I was not completely successful. But I did my best and if it were for usage I would re-work it several times before using it. It is only an exercise; so I am not stealing it. Hugs Bill
P.S. I do not read music and the talent is shown by the fact that I can convert a song without training.

I ....

Blue Dreamer - dreaming your life away
Living in lonely dreams - of yesterday
Oh Blue Dreamer - my beautiful precious dreamer
Don't you know - my love - will find you someday

II .....

Blue Dreamer - search among the stars -you'll find me
waiting there - for you - at the rainbows end
Waiting for you - your very special friend
Who'll always understand - Blue Dreamer you are my love.

Music solo .....


Blue dreamer - breathless is the night
Hearts on fire - burning like the sun
Fill our souls - with winds of change - until we are one
Sharing the magic of a love that will never end

Close .....

Blue Dreamer you are my love.

(c) Bill Murray
Music Playing is: 'Moon River'

By Bill Murray

© 2004 Bill Murray (All rights reserved)


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