The Last Sip
I sipped it hot and slow
Sniffing deep its flowing steam
As it waltzed past flared nostrils
And condensed my cold thoughts.

The thoughts left wet trails
Like cold water in a hot glass.
Almost seeming to leak its contents
As emotions drip from a stone face.

I chased darkenss with frigid reality
The ice rattled like funeral chimes.
As the hot trail lay to cold grave,
In the pit of my stomach, I smiled.

The wind whisk through 'soul cracks'
And my peace shuttered violently.
Seducing me to future times afar
While robbing heat from lacid blood.

Then blood ran steam cold
And veins laced with ice.
No more smiles; just peace
Deep in the dark cold; behind soul's cracks....

By maximusdoom

© 2004 maximusdoom (All rights reserved)


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