Renter's Secret
Like lazy rain that falls from wide sky,
Time falls into the puddle of Ages.
Making us wiser than the year before;
Making us older by one year more.
Experience teaches what knowledge cannot buy
And Time keeps the key to the mazes of life.

So go merrily along your special day
Like an ambitious, blushing sun at Night's seam.
Rising and bursting with breathless passion
Onto the sky of Time and Destiny's satisfaction.
Quilted together like Tomorrow and Today
Each plummeting into the Puddle; merging into Age's dream.

For Time is an ocean created by Life's streams.
All falling into the Ages like minute grains...
Important; but mere - in a chasm of infinite size
Which has engulfed many days, dawns and many lifes.
Experience and Knowledge whispering what Life means,
'Be significant...for we only rent mortal flesh over bone frames.'

By maximusdoom

© 2004 maximusdoom (All rights reserved)


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