'A Million Thought Miles'

'A Million Thought Miles'

When I am a million thought miles from your mind
And you for a moment from mine
Thinking about the depth of true sorrow
Let love slip back into your heart
Even for just a brief moment
Remembering the joy of loving
When I am a million thought miles from your mind
I am right there with you…
When everything looks dark and evil
Bleeding from falling aspiration
And when the black sun rises
And there are no stars or moon to shine above
Just for a brief moment… STOP right there
Let me slip back into your heart
And let the million thought miles of your mind
Return to what’s called true love
That will walk a million miles together hand in hand
Smile together
Let the suns reflection in
Singing a million love songs
A million thought miles of happiness
All sorts of thoughts my love

Copyright © 2004 Tinka Boukes
All Rights Reserved

By babysnuggles

© 2004 babysnuggles (All rights reserved)


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