Heart To Heart
The chambered heart where secrets lie
Remembering love that will not die
Each chamber a treasure within it's walls
As life is pumped though out it's halls

It's blood is red and full of courage
Where tears are made in it's discourage
Broken hearts continue on
When love seems hidden and life is gone

The other heart is still and cold
Blood moves no more and life is old
This heart remembers beating together
In sunny days and stormy weather

With hope for life to live on and on
Forever to beat through love anon
One is gone and is now ethereal
Living forever in a life more real

Soon this heart that beats for hers will cease
It was only given in a lease
And two hearts on the other side
Will continue on where hearts abide

By Ompapa

© 2004 Ompapa (All rights reserved)


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