Thoughts And Dreams

“Thoughts And Dreams”

Where there is a cloud

Where there is a hill

Where there is a thought

There will be a dream

And I will fly upon each one of them

Shade upon shade of woody arms covers me

Covers me as I lay on this bed of leaves underneath this tree

Searching for a spot of light above

Thoughts runs wild…eyes wet

Silence surrounds me

The song in my heart

Had no music to mingle with me

I took a blade of grass

And started to write your name in the palm of my hand

Kissing it gently looking up

Sending you a blowing kiss

To the place

Where wandering birds may be

But for a moment I linger

For the spot of light detained me

And at that moment

I hear and I understand your song

As you now started to sing…yellow bird

I hear your notes

I hear your call

And I know

Where there is a cloud

Where there is a hill

There is a thought

Another dream

Copyright ©2004 Tinka Boukes

All rights reserved; and may not be reproduced in any way without permission from the author

By babysnuggles

© 2004 babysnuggles (All rights reserved)


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