'To Walk My Beach'
by Tinka Boukes

Thursday, November 14, 2002


I walk my beach alone
I walk tall in pain
Holding my head up high
No good to even try
Only you could stop my cry
What is the use of abuse
When your man runs out on boose
And you get bruised
that's no excuse
I refuse to give...yes
I refuse to give
That's what I call been abused
I walk my beach well
Pick up some shell
Looking for some answer
But a heavy swell
what a disaster
Knocks me over
And I cry out of laughter
But now I walk my beach with you
My feet in your feet
My eyes is your eyes
And all I need is my Ocean
My Shell, my Soulmate
My eyes in your eyes
With love abuse instead
That's all I need
That's all I need

Copyright 2002 Tinka Boukes


By babysnuggles

© 2004 babysnuggles (All rights reserved)


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