Birdie's Little Seashell
I saw a little sea shell, while staring through a crack,
I dropped that little sea shell, and now I want it back.
It was the perfect sea shell, the best I'd ever seen,
It had blues and pinks and purples, even a little green.
It's shape was purely flawless, not a single fault,
It's curves were smooth it was so clean, despite a little salt.
That shell was simply one of a kind, no other half around,
The best of all the shells I've seen, no better one to be found.
If I could only reach that shell down through that tiny crack,
I'd keep it safe and always clean I'd shine it front and back.
I'd place it in a little box though clear for all to see,
Display it high upon a wall with a sign that reads 'THIS SHELL BELONGS TO ME.'
If only I could shrink down small and slip right through this space,
I could walk right up to that little sea shell and tell it to it's face.
Then maybe it would know just how much I care,
I'd never wish to be big again, I'd just live inside of there.
Until I figure out a way, I'll sit and guard it true,
Perched high above that green park bench, just like birdies do.

By sweet_enigma

© 2004 sweet_enigma (All rights reserved)


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