The leaves are falling,
there is a chill in the air.
The windows are frosting,
and night will soon be here.

Come sit by the fire,
leave your worries behind.
I want to tell you
about a good friend of mine.

Fazul Von Frufenberg,
Junior the Third,
He's a five feather Fritter.
He's quite a bird.

His friends all love
his quick thinking charm,
his brown button eyes
and his big loving heart.

Fazul was still young
as Fritters go,
he was one hundred and fifty-
seven years old

He was not like the other
Fritters you'll see,
instead of five feathers
they all have three.

With two extra feathers
on his head like a fan,
Fazul was different
but no less of a man.

His tail was hooked
at the end like a cane.
All the other Fritters
were just not the same.

Now Fritters are taller
than you or I,
but unlike us,
they are not that wide.

So, their doorways are narrow,
in Fritter land.
Fazul didn't fit,
with five feathers on his head.

Most other Fritters
just could not see,
so instead they laughed,
taunted and teased.

Where ever he went,
other fritters would stare.
Fazul didn't mind,
he really didn't care.

Fazul never strayed
from the inner light he held dear,
his thoughts and convictions,
throughout his years.

He learned to pass sideways
through the gateways of life
and was free of the burdens,
that cause most of us strife.

By being so different,
he could not conform.
He can only be,
the Fritter he was born.

While the other Fritters
scurried to and fro,
to busy to see,
to busy to know.

They bought Fritter paints,
and blue Fritter shoes,
the same Fritter hats,
and those blue dungaroos.

Fazul was happy
to be who he was.
Unlike the others,
he wanted nothing but love.

So next time you see
Fazul smiling wide,
you'll know his smile
comes from deep deep inside.

The weather is turning colder,
now I think you should go.
Darkness has come
and it's starting to snow.

By Albert

© 2004 Albert (All rights reserved)


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