The Reason for the Season
Yes, Christmas-time is coming
As it does every year
But yet it seems its meaning
Is not so crystal clear
As was in the beginning
So very long ago
When Christ was born a baby
More pure than Christmas snow.

Some think the Christmas season
Is just for girls and boys
Or giving/getting presents
And Santa Claus with toys;
It seems some have forgotten
That Jesus is the One
That Christmas has been named for...
God's only, precious, Son.

The reason for the season
Is Jesus Christ our Lord
Not Santa Claus or presents
Or gifts we can't afford;
The reason for the season
Is Christ, the child born
So long ago to save us—
Not toys on Christmas morn.

The reason for the season?
God cared enough to give
His Son for our salvation
That we might with Him live;
The reason for the season
No matter where we roam—
God claims us all His children
And wants to bring us Home.

The season has a reason—
To thank God for His love;
To offer our repentance
And pray to God above
We not forget the reason
Christ came to earth for all—
To be our one Redeemer
And save us from our 'Fall'.

Rawland Storm

There are often two different reasons for everything—the one we like to believe and the truth. When it comes to the reason for Christmas, the one I like to believe and the truth are the same.

By Rawland

© 2004 Rawland (All rights reserved)


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