A Day in Poetry
poetry consists
in transferring funds
and suggesting new sounds
counting and holding
a whole day's work
in the palm of my hand
and three fat white envelopes
held together with tape

then rushing away
with borrowed food
to meet my borrowed destiny
and hold her hand
a little tighter
as we navigate through the stars
and our pseudo-troubled lives
in a little while sedan
in desperate need
of a gallon or two
in case of emergency
or seemingly senseless spontaniety
such as sudden stops
to bathe in some florescent force
as what was never truly green
begins to turn subtle shades of red

fed up with waiting
wanting more and wanting now
wanting something right
veering off into the night

fleeting moments of genius in song
the music which brought us here
smiling, waiting, ready
for so much more
a drink or two
and a couple of hot jams
cocktail of perfection
and we're happy again

yet still the axe will fall
and this time it made its mark
blue guitar without a spark
tragic loss but temporary
we'll try again tomorrow

and pictures of perfect pessimism
flash and click
the lighting's all wrong
something's just not working here
i long for trees
and iron gates

and we're all just too damn tired lately
as you try bravely not to hate me
and i've forgotten how to hate
and we've all forgotten how to love
i know you knew before
you see i sometimes do
but only in speeding cars
trying to capture fading sunsets
with faulty intstruments
as we get more and more lost

and we're laughing

coffeeshops with memories
serenading soulmates
kissing in the parking lot
may i take your hand?

fourteen faces, fifteen lives
intertwined and combined
three, then two, what comes next
a new me again
dreaming of you now
and the what ifs and the whys
and what could have been
would have been
breaking the silence
and living no more lies
i love you completely
as much as i can
so let's look past those green
and venture into the brown
the color of fallen eyes

cold blue nights pulse
and electricity flows
young hearts have their reasons
only a star-studded sky knows

and as night fades to morning
i am left alone once more
watching your blissful sleep
whispering words of knowing love
and a soft kiss on the cheek
trying to be gentle
as my arm wraps around you
and lying awake i remain with a smile
as you and i once more become

By Adia Cecilia

© 2005 Adia Cecilia (All rights reserved)


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