God is the Answer
Life is like a wilderness,
we travel day by day.
Searching for a path or trail,
to guide us on our way.
We struggle long, working hard,
through pitfalls, traps and more.
Each day that passes by we feel,
lost in deceptive lore.

Stumble through uncertain ground.
Can any guidance here be found?
God is the way.

How much can we now believe,
in what we hear each day?
Lies and rumors everywhere,
like swords that cut and slay.
Why do people so deceive,
the truth much hurt so much.
In governments, at work and home,
are lies destructive touch.

Distrust lingers all around.
Can any honesty be found?
God is the truth.

Living in a twilight world,
full of negative thought.
Darkness creeps in to devour,
when hopes and dreams are sought.
Happiness is hard to find,
such pain too much to bear.
The rays of sunshine fading fast,
does anybody care?

All is lost and nothings sound.
Can any hope at all be found?
God is the light.

Let God guide you on your way,
put your trust in him today.
He'll give you strength to carry on,
and turn your darkness into dawn.-02L

By 02L

© 2005 02L (All rights reserved)


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