I love the way you make it so hard for me to say no
Why don't you stay? We'll see where things go, see where we go

Any other time, I'd run away so fast
But with these thoughts in mind, I'd like to make it last
I'd fight to make it last

I know that we have been through enough to make this hard
I never thought it would be so tough to follow my heart

Even though all of those new sensations passed
You're still the one that I chose, and now I'm holding fast
And I'll fight to make it last

What I didn't see was, I need you by my side
I'll take your weathered hand and you'll walk in my stride
We're in this poet's world where there's no room for pride
I'll be your silent strength - you'll feel me move inside

Any other time I'd run away so fast
But I'm still standing here - I'm learning from my past
And I'll fight to make this last

By Adia Cecilia

© 2005 Adia Cecilia (All rights reserved)


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