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Dear Lord
Dear Lord

It's been a long day and night has fallen and I have been longing
To talk to someone. That someone is a special friend. I could
Call on her anytime and she would listen.

But Lord,

You have her now and I vision a smile on her face, and I'm
Wondering if she is in a better place. So I'm calling on
You for someone to hear me through. Someone that
Will say, ''I understand, just take my hand''.

You see, Lord

I feel like I can't make it through another day. There are
Hearts that need mending and I have spoken but I'm
Powerless to fix these hearts that are broken.

So lord,

I'm asking you, please keep my family close. Make them
Aware of all the love they have to share, for love is
Patience and kindness and oh how little children
Thrive on it.

And Lord,

Help me get through the lonely night. Keep me free
From worry of the things I can't change in any way
And then just maybe, I can make it through
Another day.

March, 9 2005

By Ann Sullivan

© 2019 Ann Sullivan (All rights reserved)


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