See You In Heaven One Day
I thought I was going to make it,
I thought I would be all right.
Just then, the enemy found me
and I knew I was in for a fight.

He told me that my life wasn't worth it,
that for me, there was no reason to live.
He said, with all the sins I have committed,
there was no way that my Father would forgive.

As I listened to all that he told me
I started believing his horrible lie.
If I didn't have heaven in my future,
I wondered why should I even try.

I got down and cried out to my Father,
'I'm sorry, please don't turn me away.
When I die, I want to come to heaven.
All I want is to see You on that day.'

My Father reached down and He touched me.
Then He whispered so tenderly in my ear.
He said 'All of your sins are forgiven.
The fires of hell you do not have to fear'.

I know that some times you will stumble,
and that Satan will get in your way.
But have faith in the promise I gave you,
and I'll see you in heaven one day.

By Frog

© 2005 Frog (All rights reserved)


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