The Houseguest
Nice words on thin-lined paper arrive in my snail mail
box every week

He’ll be getting out soon, He’s now so mild, So meek

Calling for a place to stay, Could it be with me?
Oh come on! Come on! How much of a problem could
it be?


Guilt and shame about past events are called to mind
I’m sure things will go well (this time!)...or am I just

There has to be rules and understandings, and limit;
Or he may just drink and party; and run the gamut

You know, it has been nice having my brother stay here
But........Where’s the orange juice? Over here? Under


He’s got a job interview tommorow, he’ll have his own
I’m so happy for him, it’s not even funny

I don’t mind driving him to and fro, I say all sappy
As long as he has a place to go, that’ll make him happy

The smooth country road and scenery put me at ease
Of course there’s the matter of hiding my keys

Some say to me privately, “You’d better watch out!”
To them I say calmly, “Its best to bud out.”

He’s always so tired, he likes to sleep in
But when can I expect some money to come in?

He wakes me one morning, he’s sick and in despair
I need to drive him to the doctor, Would I mind? Do I


The nurse takes me aside and asks if I’m a relation
I can’t believe what she says, or the tone of her

She says he needs three days of detoxification
Can I drive him over, or should she call the station?

I innocently ask her, “What are you talking about?”
She says to me firmly, “Your brother ain’t sufferin’ from

By earthmanwrites

© 2005 earthmanwrites (All rights reserved)


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