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On the wings of a song
A lover's song, sweet melody
It drifts upon the night air sweet
It guides your hand in poetry
As you dream in words beside me
There is no need for talk to meet
The beat of musicís remedy
A moment stolen, bittersweet
From manic life inside me

And though in tune with simple song
My mind a further target finds
I gaze beyond the gathered throng
And let enchantment call me
Toil and trouble fall behind
All thought of trains and travel gone
Released unwanted from my mind
As tomorrowís hopes enthral me

I dream of what could come to pass
If burdens of the past we shed
If bonds of doubt aside are cast
A strong desire burns in me
To banish fear and in its stead
To build a life of peace at last
Which from the darker paths has led
It kindles light within me

I think of where the future leads
Of winds of change that yet must blow
Imaginationís scattered seeds
I feel take root around me
And like the seed my vision grows
As on my hopes and dreams it feeds
And though its end I do not know
Its magnitude astounds me

But what if all ends up as naught
Even though my heart stays true
Despite how hard Iíve prayed and fought,
What if peace canít find me?
Then suddenly Iím back with you
Your verse complete, of passion wrought
I read your words of beauty new
And the song goes on behind me

You think my mind leaves you behind
But in all my dreams youíre intertwined

26 May 2005

By lemert

© 2018 lemert (All rights reserved)


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