On the Road
I coast
Like a raging comet
Dancing with death and perfection
Burning with red control
Daring to be everything

Reaching and pulling
Dancing and rolling
Picking up steam
That surely will break my head in two
And burst from my chest
with my heart comfortably beating
faster than the pistons that drive me

And if I die
I tried


Most of my day is spent driving from job to job, around the St. Louis metro area. Unfortunately my boss likes me to cut my drive time as much as possible. I am constantly trying to cram more into my day than is humanly possible. So I drive like a maniac, which I've grown accustomed to and sometimes even enjoy. Like I said, its not necessarily a good thing, but it is what it is, and this poem helps to describe the feelings that this sensation brings about.

By Elliot Shaw-Ray

© 2005 Elliot Shaw-Ray (All rights reserved)


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