I See

The gentle breezes of the wind
Whispering in my ear
Sunset, sunrise or a cloud
Seeming to be so near

A smile upon a baby's face
Or a little bird singing in a tree
My little dog running and playing
Or a butterfly who flies free

The moon, stars, and velvet sky
The sunshine or rain falling to the ground
Colors of flowers of every kind
With their fragrance all around

Found within all these
Are written words of poetry
And right there in the midst of all
You and your love I clearly see

Your voice I hear whispering
As in ear I hear the breeze
We are happy as the butterfly free
And birds singing in the trees

Our love beautiful as the velvet skies
Has warmth of glow of sunshine
And peaceful as sound of falling rain
In knowing I am yours and you are mine

By Ethel_GG_Kent

© 2005 Ethel_GG_Kent (All rights reserved)


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