The transparent image disappeared into the hard rain fall. The rain beating
down outlined what appeared to be an unmarked grave. The shape and the
mount made it clear that something had been berried there.
After a frantic phone call, Jeff rushed to the site with a shovel and a
flood light. He set the light down a few a few inches away from the mount
and began to dig. In between the piles of dirt he removed from the ground,
he rested his arms and wiped the rain from his brow. The deep hole in the
ground revealed a skeleton.
Tanya was stunned. ' Who's bones do you think they are?'
Jeff was as stunned Tanya. ' I haven't got a clue but I have my suspicions.'
'You don't think they belong to the slave Sylvia Miles fell in love
Jeff rested his arms on the solid ground outside the hole. 'No, these
bones belong to a female. That's obvious. But who was the woman?'
Jeff pulled his cell phone from the pocket of his blue jeans and dialed
the police.
The police arrived shortly after Jeff phoned them to retrieve the bones.

'Do you know who these bones belong to?' asked officer Marks.
'No,' Jeff replied.
'Then how did you know they were here?'
'I didn't,' Jeff replied.
'What compelled you to dig up the ground?'
Tanya tried to get Jeff's attention. Telling the police about the ghost
and the haunted terrace that brought them to the unmarked grave would,'
have been a good idea. Not yet. .
Jeff had already thought the same thing.'We heard a strange noise
coming from this direction and when we came out to investigate we discover
this strange pile of dirt that appeared to be the size of a grave. Out
of curiosity we dug it up.'
Officer Marks was certain they were hiding something but couldn't figure
out that it could possibly be.'Are you staying here at the camp grounds?'
'I am,' Tanya replied. 'But only for the weekend.'
'Where can I reach you after Sunday?'
Tanya gave officer Marks her address. Marks took the piece of paper Tanya
jotted her address on. 'I'll be in touch,' he said then walked

The cabin was warm and dry. Jeff started a brisk fire in the fireplace
while Tanya made coffee. A cozy seat in front of the fireplace chased the
chill of the rain off their bodies.
'I'm curious about who those bones belonged to,' Tanya muttered
then sipped her coffee.
Jeff poked at the burning logs. 'Obvious it was a murder. The person
was covering up the murder by hiding the body in an unmarked grave. I'm
sure the murderer wasn't counting on this location being turned into a
camp ground.'
'How will we find out whom those bones belonged to.' Tanya leaned
back on the sofa lifted her legs to rest them on the sofa.
'The police are suspicious of us. They think we had something to do
with the bones being hid in this remote spot, I'm sure they will let us
know who it was who was berried there.'


By Belinda Smith

© 2005 Belinda Smith (All rights reserved)


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