The Terrace Continued
The fire spit out sparks and shown off a warm and inviting glow. Tanya strolled into her bedroom after an invigorating shower. Water dripped off portions of her body uncovered by the large towel she wrapped around herself.
That rainy night vibes filled her emotions. The seven O’clock news confirmed that a heavy storm was rolling in that would last the entire night.
Tanya’s mind was over flowing with thoughts about what information Jeff would gather from his meeting with the police that afternoon. It was to be a follow up meeting concerning the bones found at the campsite.
Tanya slipped into a man’s button down dress shirt to prepare for bed. The grand father clock ticked away the minutes of the dusk hours. Jeff had a long recording session scheduled for the day so Tanya anticipated when he would show up tapping on the terrace door with the information he gathered from the police. She was becoming impatient and curious to find out whom those bones belonged to. How long had they been there? Jeff’s visit would answer those questions.
It had been two weeks since the weekend Tanya stayed at the campsite. It was two weeks of what could be construed as harassing interrogation by the police.
Tanya couldn’t help but peer at the clock and glance in the direction of the terrace door until a tap came to the terrace door. She knew it had to be Jeff.
She sprung out of bed and hurried to the door.
“Jeff,” Tanya smiled. “I was hoping you’d get back early enough to come over.”
Jeff strolled in.
“So,” Tanya followed him towards the bed. “ What did you find out from the police?”
Jeff turned to face her. The look on his face was difficult to intemperate.


By Belinda Smith

© 2005 Belinda Smith (All rights reserved)


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