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good bye my baby
Darling, I still remember the happiest day of life.
The day you walked down the aisle and chose to be my wife.
We said our wedding vows, till death do we part.
But how was I to know I could live with this broken heart.

After we were married, you began to change, my darling dear.
Since you've changed, you've made my hopes and dreams disappear.
You always say your sorry, you won't do it anymore.
This time the straw broke the Camel's back, I'm walking out the door.

Darling, you say your sorry, you won't hurt me anymore.
You ask me to forgive you but I've heard it all before.
You always say you love me and you'll change your hurting ways.
Well I've done some thinking and this is what I want to say.

it's to late my baby time to say good bye.
Adios my darling, I'm leaving don't cry.
Tried to mend a broken heart so many times before.
so now i make an exit I'm walking out the door.

By prodical son

© 2008 prodical son (All rights reserved)


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This Poem is part of a Challenge: Broken Love - to mend a broken heart (challenge has been closed)

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