I Miss You, Mamaw
Since the day you left Mamaw,
I've had a lot of pain,
it's hard to go on without your presence,
nothing seems the same.

You brought so much laughter,
you were everything to us,
but we never would've robbed you of the chance,
of meeting that Saviour you loved so much.

There's nothing I want more,
than to see you again,
to tell you of the things I've done,
and places that I've been.

Used to be so easy,
you were just a call away,
now just to talk to someone near you,
I have to bow my head and pray.

Mamaw I want you to know I'm in church now,
letting God take care of me,
he's doing a great job,
and if I stay with him your face I'll once again get to see.

It's so hard to hold back the tears,
sometimes I just want to cry,
but I know you'd want me to be happy,
even though I feel like a piece of my heart died.

I really do miss you,
and everything we did together,
but I want you to know you're in my heart,
for always and forever.

..I love you Mamaw..

Dedicated to my Mamaw Angel, Elsie Phillips

By blondeatheart

© 2005 blondeatheart (All rights reserved)


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