When all else fails
Someone out their must want you
The love you have at home is gone
Its time for a change in direction
Waking up with you on my mind
A instant replay of the other day
Time has come and gone
The Marriage is so dead
Knowing that its never gonna change
Worshiping that vow
Years of life down the drain
Making some changes soon
I cant cheat nor let it happen this way
I was raised to never open one door with out closing the other
Whenever I drive up to my home I have the chills
That spark is not there anymore
Just bull and fighting
Its not worth it
The words are nothing but hate
Your ex still runs your show
Well, she thinks so
But we both know she's a control nut
The children will never forgive this
Mine you denied all this time
No more its time for me to fly
Moving out with all dew time
Taking back my life and sanity

Carrie SIlkowski

By Chantals

© 2005 Chantals (All rights reserved)


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