Baby, I'm Back
Saying 'Goodbye' and knowing it's only temporary
is the sweetest gift I've ever been given
I want to call you each second we're apart
but I can't for that reason

I know when I felt your lips press mine
that everything was alright, and time was stopping...
just for us
Time looked down at us and said,
'They need me, hell I need them!'
and it stopped

Now, I'm paying the person for some gas
and, I'm heading home
I feel the phone vibrate in my pocket
and, pick it up
The voice on the other end is so...
sweet, so sexy, so you
You know I'll come pick you up at work
That means I can see you sooner
I won't have to imagine kissing you,
I'll actually be doing it
We talk as I drive because I can't and don't
want to hang up on you

I pull up to where you are and click the phone shut
You switch me places, so you can drive
We let the words be unspoken
because, we are silently speaking
I know what I'm thinking,
and somehow you do too

I turn on the radio on
just enough so that we can hear it
I don't mean to fall asleep
but I do,
Must've fallen hard, because when I wake up
I'm as naked as a newborn baby in silk sheets
You're holding me in your arms and looking at me
and, I realize you're the same way
I kiss you tenderly, but with great passion
'Baby I'm Back I'm here to cater to you'
I hear you say
Well honey, I want the full tray
Today, and forever!

By LuVangSparks

© 2005 LuVangSparks (All rights reserved)


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