Jesse James (ballad)


In the middle eighteen hundreds,
Jesse Woodson James was
born. Notorious for being
one of the worst outlaws.

Jesse, and his brother Frank had
joined up with the Younger
Brothers. Where they robbed banks, and trains,
at times, thought of others.

He got married to his cousin
Zerelda. They had two
children. Knowing that he was an
outlaw, she loved him true.

Many of the bank robberies
had gone bad. The gang had
disbanded, laid low for awhile.
Met with Bob Ford, the cad.

Bob was out to get the reward
for Jesse James. He shot
at killed Jesse at the age of
thirty four, the onslaught.

Many have compared Jesse to
Robin Hood. Where he'd give
to the poor. Money that he had
stole. Caring his motive.

Jesse Woodson James
September 5, 1847 - April 3, 1882


By Heaven's Own

© 2005 Heaven's Own (All rights reserved)


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