~My Best Friend, My love~

Graphic By Ethel GG Kent

I am glad you and I are very best friends
Staying beside each other until all time ends
Somehow knowing together we will forever be
Through any good or bad times we should ever see

We can share whatever we have inside
Within our hearts where deep feelings reside
Whether it should be something happy or sad
We help each other live through the good and the bad

We knew from the start our friendship would grow
As so much in common between us began to show
Yet, a wonderful thing happened, to our surprise
For awakened within we found a deep love arise

We found a love between us like never before known
Which through the years has enormously grown
Into love where as one we have ceased to be two
It was from friendship to love with me and with you

By Ethel_GG_Kent

© 2006 Ethel_GG_Kent (All rights reserved)


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