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Curious George was an inquisitive monkey.
He got into lots of trouble,
Cause he was very curious.
He wanted to know:
Why birds fly,
Why lions have shaggy manes,
And why Zebras has so many stripes,
Why Leopards has spots?
And why the leaves are Green,
And the apples are Red,
And the sky is blue?

He ask the birds how they could fly.
They tweeted at him and ask him why he lived in a tree?
He ask the lions why they have shaggy manes,
The lions said 'I'll eat you first and then I will tell you why.

George ran up the tree,
And he waited for the lions to go away,
Then down he came and ask the Zebras why they have so many stripes.
they said 'We have no stripes at all.
But we are much prettier than the leopards are.

After speaking to the lions,
George decided to talk to the leopards way, way, way,way,
up the tree.
But George's questions about spots was not the one he should have ask.
Since it seems leopards can climb trees,
George hasn't any questions anymore.

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By angel78

© 2006 angel78 (All rights reserved)


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