Lord, You Gave Me
Lord, you gave me one wonderful family,
You know how I love each one,
All eight, from my oldest daughter,
Down to my youngest son.
Each smile, each kiss, each tender hug,
I'll hold them all so dear,
Comfort them with these tender words,
As my time to leave draws near.
I have no regrets, but only love, I'll smile
as I leave this world behind,
Their loving faces, their tender words
fill the corners of my mind.
I've lived a life so complete,
I couldn't ask for more,
My tasks are done, I'm coming home,
Before me lies Heavens door.
Please let them know I love them so,
I want them to understand,
Wherever they are, I'll watch from afar,
Until we can walk hand and hand.
Tell them it won't be long,
I'll wait here by Heavens door,
In a little while, they'll see my smile,
Then we'll be together forever more.
Belinda Smith
(copyrighted - 1/20/06)

In loving memory of my Mom, Arlene Smith (9/16/38 - 1/18/06)

By Belinda Smith

© 2006 Belinda Smith (All rights reserved)


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