apple kiss
sitting on a hot steel fence
gone copper with rust
eating sticky apple pastries
with sticky apple hands

“remember when we…?”
you point inward, slyly inclining your head to the centre of the oval like
a reckless captain steering into a storm:
“I remember….”
two young lovers helping each other out of party clothes at 3am her
tinkerbell dress in a green puddle at her knees
and then her feet his
hands following the apple curve of her thigh
as he sits back roughly,
praying and smiling too.

as the early morning sun investigates your hair,
fiery red head that you are,
I kiss the salt from your pouting bottom lip,
“but do you remember?”
I kiss again, “aye cap’n”
and you giggle all at once.

By Siddhartha

© 2006 Siddhartha (All rights reserved)


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