A Godly Man
A godly man lives in honor
and knows the Lord intimately
who idol's Him so much
he's begun to practice imitation
though he knows he never could
because no man is perfect
and godly men have soft hearts
because compassion and love
were never vacant
so godly men are always patient
with a focused thought
a godly confident
with such a humble walk
listens first
and then he talks
with a guiding light
through the cross
while meditating
at the fork
who's spirit's never short
it will not contort
so it exceeds the flesh
who's body always rests
since on his Friend he rests
a godly man's strongest muscle
is in his chest
and I feel like maybe
that's what Samson
should of told Delilah
it's even said
a godly man can have an aura
built of fire
though he'd never burn
since a godly man lives with God
and nothing less
his mind shall always rest
since on the Lord he rest
so godly men will search for God
and nothing less

By Huey

© 2006 Huey (All rights reserved)


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