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~City By The Sea~
...Introduction...I watched a movie on DVD last night. It was not a new The Twin Towers were still in view...but it stirred me none the less. It starred Robert De Niro and Frances McDorment...and it really left me with a cold stir of the reality that is our today! Never mind the war, we have horrendous things going on now all around us!

~City By The Sea~ ( From the Movie)

Graffitied walls line the boardwalk-
Chiseled out, broken down -
Human excretion wreaks!
Used syringes everywhere...
All marks of a shooting Gallery!
Not the kind with guns!
They line the shores-
Of Long Beach, New York-
Where drugs and thugs-
Rule the roost-
Rutheless ways-
Slant their days~
And violence is second nature!
A quick run back into-
To check the boulevards-
And boroughs...
Staunch and clean!
Nestled next to-
Sanitized Pearly White-
Where Neon Fame-
Court's the aspiring~
Broadway seems just-
A stepping stone's-
Throw away-
From the sleezy-
Rat infested life-
Of the junkie~
In a city that never-
Long island-
Long Beach-
The City By The Sea~
Another Robert de Niro-

By Theodora Onken

© 2017 Theodora Onken (All rights reserved)


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