Strange Desire Part 3 (Cold Embrace)

A cold embrace is all you gave,
If I cannot have that which I crave
Then your cold embrace will have to do,
What more could I expect from you.
I know you cannot love as I,
I know your words are but a lie,
Blood starved vampire that you are,
Creature of the night,
You are the stronger one by far
I am weak and will not fight.

But you must strive to understand
When next you crave to have your fill,
That love I can and love I will.
But for now your cold embrace
And that look that plays upon your face,
Keeps me crying out for more.
Tho my blood is all you crave
I would love you till the grave,
But your cold embrace shall have to do
Until I become as one with you .

I know that this will be my fate,
I pray I have not long to wait.
Time will tell if you shall love
More than just my warm sweet blood,
But till then your cold embrace
Shall keep me searching for that place
Where you flee at the light of dawn
when from my arms you are violently torn.
A place where sunlights never been,
A place my eyes have never seen,
Far within the deepest grave,
Beneath the earth, a cold dark place.

But there my love I,ll keep you warm,
Protect you from the scorching morn,
when I at last shall meet my fate
And from the sleep of death awake,
when that hunger so immense
And that craving so intense,
Burns within like hells own fire
And binds me like the tightest wire,
You will give me my first taste,
Not one drop will go to waste.

You will hold the sharpest blade
with which the deepest cuts are made,
You will give and I will take
For I shall lick the wounds you make,
Tasting of a crimson flood,
Feeding off your warm sweet blood,
Dripping from your finger tips,
Smeared like honey upon my lips.
I will be the one who feeds
And you will be the one who bleeds.
You give to me the kiss of death,
Bleed me dry till none is left,
You smear my blood upon your face,
Then leave me with a cold embrace.

By Momma dee

© 2006 Momma dee (All rights reserved)


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