Birthdays always bring about reflections of past,
Memories of pleasantry, memories that lovingly last.
With family and friends by your side,
Those that are beaming with so much pride.
* ~ * ~ *
Pride that is shown in accomplishments arrived,
Shown with your love in having you by their side.
Children raised with the love you have shown,
Shared daily with all they have known.
* ~ * ~ *
Love with discipline carrying each child forth,
One without the other has no known worth.
We not only celebrate your birthday today,
Giving thanks to you is what we convey.
* ~ * ~ *
With the love of a Mother so strong in her ways,
Have kept so many from going astray.
The knowledge gleaned from a Mother is that of high degree,
Raising children properly has no guarantee.
* ~ * ~ *
Success comes to those who have learned from advice,
Given from a Mother without money or price.
Carried forth by all who listened with care,
Much success came to all she helped to prepare.
* ~ * ~ *
We give you thanks on this day of your birth,
For without you Mom, what would be our earthly worth?
Your love, caring, and words of encouragement from the heart,
Gave us our first steps in our journey of life, what a wonderful start.
* ~ * ~ *
Proud is the word we use to describe a Mother so dear,
The joys you have given to all that are here.
Are the joys of true family love,
From you and our Daddy who resides up above.
* ~ * ~ *
With much love to you Mom from all that are here,
And the love from those not present we also do share.
* ~ * ~ *
Your proud and loving family wishes you


for my Mother-in-law
Alice Summers

By Donald L. Heili

© 2006 Donald L. Heili (All rights reserved)


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