The Publishers Pen

ANTHOLOGY: A collection of selected writings by various authors.
ATTACHMENT: a computer file electronically 'attached' to an e-mail message.
B&W: Black and white (photo or illustration)
CAMERA-READY: Poems ready for copy camera platemaking; camera ready poems usually appear in print exactly as submitted.
CHAPBOOK: A small book of about 24-50 pages.
CONTRIBUTOR'S COPY: Copy of book or magazine containing a poet's work, sometimes given as a payment.
COVER LETTER: Brief introductory letter accompanying a poetry submission.
COVER-STOCK: Heavier paper used as the cover for a publication.
MS. Manuscript
MSS. Manuscripts
SAE: Self addressed envelope
SASE: Self addressed stamped envelope
SIMULTANEOUS SUBMISSION: Submission of the same manuscript to more than one publisher at the same time.
FIRST RIGHTS (AKA First serial rights) The right to publish the poem(s) for the first time in any periodical. All other rights to the material remain with the with poet. (Note that some editors state that rights to poems 'revert to authors upon publication' when first rights are acquired.) when poems are excerpted from a book prior to publication and printed in a magazine/journal, this is also called first serial rights. The addition of North American indicates the editor is the first to publish a poem in a US or Canadian periodical. The poem can still be submitted to editors outside of North America or to those who acquire reprint rights.
(AKA simultaneous rights)
the editor has nonexclusive rights to publish a poem. The same poem can be submitted to other publications at the same time.
(AKA reprint rights)
This term is used for previously published works, with permission to reprint and acknowledgment to the first publisher is given.
ALL RIGHTS: In a poetic nutshell this is the giving up of ownership of that poem or group of poems. If you relinquish ALL RIGHTS, you cannot submit or resubmit that work elsewhere, nor can it be included in a poetry collection without permission or negotiating for reprint rights to be returned to you. Before you agree to this type of arrangement, ask the editor first is they are willing to acquire first rights instead of all rights.
LET'S TALK COPYRIGHTS: Copyright is a proprietary right that gives you the power to control the reproduction of your work, distribution, and public display or performance, as well as its adaptation to other forms. In other words, you have legal right to the exclusive publication, sale, or distribution of your poetry.
You 'original works of authorship' are protected as soon as they are 'fixed in a tangible form of expression' or written down. Since March 1989, copyright notices are no longer required to secure protection, so it's not necessary to include them on your poetry manuscript. Also, in many editors minds copyright notices signal the work of amateurs who are distrustful and paranoid about having work stolen.

If you still want to indicate copyright, use the (c) symbol or the copyright, your name, and the year. furthermore, if you wish you can register your copyright with the Copyright Office for a $30 fee ... Since paying a $30 fee per poem is costly and impractical, you may prefer to copyright a group of poems for that single fee. Further information is available for the US Copyright Office, Library of Congress, Washington DC, 20559. You can also call the Copyright Public Information Office at 202-707-3000 between 8:30am and 5:00pm weekday (EST). Copyright form can be ordered from 202-707-9100 or downloaded from (this Library Of Congress website includes advice on filling out forms, general copyright information and links to copyright related websites.

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