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If your like the rest of us, you've considered publishing your work. We've gathered together some information to help you become a published poet. We've also gathered together a glossary of terms and a brief section to explain your legal rights.

Before we head into the many different avenues on our way to publishing there is one website I do want to draw your attention to, They focus on the novice writer who has never been published. Their website contains a wealth of information, as well as additional information to help to get your name and poetry in print!

These places that are listed are but a small representative of the many avenues of publishing. Most cater to a wide variety of talents and topics. There are hundreds of others that are not listed here too. My first suggestion is to try out these places first, then and with plenty of patience we can direct you to other places that seek specialized forms of writing content. Hopefully with time, we will be able to add a specialized section.

Now let's move on to the publishing avenues! We have listed a small glossary of terms first to help those not familiar with some of the most used terms, and then an explanation of publishing rights. Make sure you double check which rights are being sought for your work. We would also suggest that you keep a hard copy (handwritten or on saved on disc) of your poetry, and at the bottom include the name of each place you submit your work to, the date it was sent, the date when it is expected to be reviewed, and finally the publication name and date if it is published. You will need to provide this information to other places that ask for it. You will also want to keep this for your bio information.

You will notice most require a reading fee as well, which is normal and to be expected, however if you are ever asked for additional funds to publish or to receive a copy of your published works, do not send any additional money, ever! These places we have found all have sound reputations, and from the many we have personally looked at, present a nice quality book or magazine. Our only request is that when your works have been selected for publishing, please send us the information on your acheivements so we can all celebrate together! Let's make The Starlite Cafe, not only the brightest community on the web, but the largest collection of published poets as well!


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